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We missed you! 

We have set up a virtual waitlist for your safety and convenience just click the button below.

Virtual Waitlist

Please read the following. Our Covid update.

We have made the following changes to provide a safe Business for you to return to:

¤ We have installed plexi glass retail partitions (sneeze guards) along the entire front desk.

¤ We have placed Physical Distancing decals on the floor in the main lobby to help customers remain at a safe distance.

¤ Masks are currently MANDATORY in the salon other then in the tanning rooms.

¤ We have installed new signage to help you understand our new protocols and expectations.

¤ We have limited the number of customers in the lobby area to 2 at a time. If there’s two people waiting please wait outside.

¤ We will be giving direction to you regarding our new policies and how to encounter each other in the hallways (the person entering has the right of way).

¤ We have provided hand sanitizer for you to use upon entry.

¤ We have removed non essential complimentary items from the common area for the time being to limit points of contact.

¤ We have removed the seats and water cooler from the lobby area to limit points of contact.We will not be storing lotions at this time. When you get your lotion you will have to keep it for now.

¤ No food or drinks in the salon.

¤ Please come alone, we do not have a waiting room at this time.

We truly appreciate your understanding and patience.